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How long my job listing will stay on the site?

Your listing will not expire. This will give publicity to your company even when you already filled the position. If you want to take it down, send us an email at

What is a premium job listing?

Premium job listings are highlighted in our site, attracting more attention from potential applicants. Besides, we send them in 4 newsletters (for a month) instead of in just 1, overall getting a lot more exposure.

How does a highlighted premium listing look like?

A premium job listing looks like this in the main page:

UX designer
Company A
Creative director
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Do you offer discounts for academia and non-profits?

Yes, email us at and we will create a unique discount coupon for your organization.

How do I delete a job listing?

If you wish to take a listing out of the site, please email us at

How do I update a job listing?

If you wish to update the description of a listing, please email us at