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Interactive Developer


Full-time position

Location: Madison, WI, USA

Category: development
Published on: Jul 10 - 2019

ZEBRADOG (aka “ZD”), an internationally-recognized experience design consortium, is looking for a passionate and experienced Interactive Developer, responsible for developing our signature digital installations.

Your primary work will include developing custom interactive applications for a variety of permanent project installations. You will be developing both front and backend components, based on project specific performance criteria. Our work often involves combining multiple technologies, such as touch and motion sensing, audio, video, lighting, with unique user interface(s), and content management systems. Daily work will include in-Studio development and design collaboration, as well as on-site technology integration and ongoing technical support for completed installations.

This position offers tremendous project work experience and offers opportunity for growth, on-the-job learning, and expansion of existing development skill sets. Your efforts will be a central part of significant, award-winning design transformations, and will positively affect human experiences in a variety of public environments. You will be a part of a highly-creative team, creating new and exciting things every day through multiple phases of iterative design development.

The ideal candidate is a competent, efficient developer, with a desire to be creatively challenged and a desire to work in the cross-section of interactive development within built environments. As each project is unique and the ability to quickly learn new techniques will take priority over years of experience with any single programming language. We are seeking candidates who are adaptable, pro-active, and can “gel” in a fast-paced creative and technical environment. While certain core competencies are required, we are open to candidates with varying years of experience who are eager and passionate about the type of work we do.

This is a full-time staff position, requiring work within our historic and diverse Studio in Madison, WI. (Note: we are not interested in hiring remote or freelance candidates for this position, at this time)

Madison, Wisconsin consistently ranks among the top cities to live, play, and work. ZEBRADOG is located in the heart of the city, with access to bike paths, public transportation, beautiful lakes, a Big Ten University, and a creative class second to none. Visit for more information.



- Degree in Computer Science, or related field / experience

Essential Skills:

- Proficiencies: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery

- Familiarity with: Adobe CC, XD and/or Sketch, Git / GitHub

- General computer knowledge: Windows, Linux, Mac, and associated operating systems

- Ability to work in Madison, travel occasionally to remote project locations

- Strong interpersonal communication, as an interactive member of a team-based workplace

Desired Skills (Non-Required)

- Proficiencies: PHP, SVG, Node.js, React

- Drupal development / WordPress development

- Familiarity with commercial AV technologies (video, audio, lighting, control)

- Experience providing technical support for installed systems

- Basic knowledge of networking / network integration, for IP-based devices, PCs

- Experience with other visual programming platforms (ex: TouchDesigner, OpenFrameworks, Processing)

- Interest / experience in Arduino / “hardware hacking”

Benefits / Compensation

ZEBRADOG is proud to offer our employees competitive salaries, a wide-range of benefits, and an award-winning, diverse work environment - More information can be provided to candidates at time of interview.

How to apply

Please mention when you apply as a thanks to us, this will help us to get more jobs posted for you!

Please use the apply button to send a resume and one-page letter describing your experience and why you believe you would be a great fit for our team.

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