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Creative Developer


Full-time position

Location: London, UK

Category: development
Published on: Mar 23, 2018 - 2018


YES is looking for an ambitious Creative Developer to join our five person team in Shoreditch, London.

YES is an art direction, design and technology studio. We believe in the web as a platform for creative and artistic expression and are passionate about building tools and experiences that assist with the dissemination of visual art and culture online.

We have created websites for some of the world’s leading photographers, photo-agents, artists and model agencies, amongst a rich variety of other work.

Our interests lie in exploring and utilising new technologies in a contextual and creative way. Research, experimentation and self-initated work help define and inform our commissioned projects.

We pride ourselves on a good work/life balance and the collaborative working experience in our studio.

The Role

You will be responsible for leading the front- and back-end development of a broad range of projects. You will be working closely with the creative team. You will also be working with clients in order to understand and develop the technical strategy for projects.


—Experience building responsive modular websites using modern JavaScript frameworks (ideally using Angular JS)

—Experience with PHP frameworks (ideally Laravel)

—Expert knowledge of CSS

—An understanding of module bundlers, task runners, and dependency managers (Webpack, Grunt/Gulp, NPM)

—Experience working collaboratively using Git


—Experience with JS frameworks such as Three.js, PixiJS, Two.js

—Interest in WebGL, GLSL shaders, AR, Web MIDI

—Experience managing web services (Heroku/AWS)

—Comfortable dealing with databases (MySQL)

—An interest in building micro services (Node.js/Serverless)

Who are we looking for?

—You care about writing quality, high-performance, maintainable code

—You’re interested in solving difficult problems and discovering new techniques and approaches

—You love learning new skills and technology and are always on the lookout for the best tools for the job

—You have a passion for teamwork and you want to work in an environment fuelled by great ideas no matter who they come from

—You work best managing your own schedule

—You’re keen to work on a variety of projects, seeing them from start to finish

—You have an interest in typography and the visual arts

How to apply

Please mention when you apply as a thanks to us, this will help us to get more jobs posted for you!

Applicants should forward their CV and work examples to

No recruitment agencies, please.

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