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Creative Tech Lead


Full-time position

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category: management
Published on: Jan 12 - 2019

General Position Summary

In world of diminishing attention spans and fracturing media, Department of New Realities is a venture born within Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam — hell bent on finding new and innovative ways to bring together our clients and their consumers. Turning technology, visuals, culture, theatrics, experiences and the senses into unimaginable combinations that create new types of engagement that build brands & businesses.

W+K believes that each team member makes a significant contribution to our success. That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities outlined in a job description. Therefore, this job description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job scope but not limit the employee or the organization to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each team member will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors and to pursue individual career growth.

As a senior member of DPTNR, you are a key part of a cross-disciplinary creative team, you will be responsible for guiding key technical decisions and proposing and evaluating approach for inbound projects. Your work will be very hands-on. You will lead the creation of many parts of a build and provide expert knowledge across multiple disciplines.

DPTNR is a small but nimble team and you will frequently collaborate with members of the creative team, conducting research, problem solving, shaping concepts and building prototypes to prove feasibility and viability – including but not limited to VR/AR/MR, web, software, hardware experiential, and mobile. You will also help define best practices for the development team including workflows, code reviews, documentation, implementation and planning.

The person in this position develops ideas from brief to prototype, and prototype to delivery, while ensuring the most innovative, fresh, relevant and appropriate use of new and existing technology and is responsible for cultivating this approach with DPTNR Creative Directors.

Major Responsibilities/Primary Functions:

● Provides a voice and vision for technology and communicates it to Creative Directors and Production/DPTNR Management; creates multiple application solutions for a given brief; develops new initiatives for the platform/application/experience etc; generates ideas beyond assigned projects

● Equal parts collaborator, technical problem solver and technical visionary

● Rock solid technical experience of both front-end and back-end development along with a preference for open source frameworks and social technologies and APIs

● Collaborates with Producers and Directors in project planning and works hand-in-hand with Creative Directors/DPTNR Management across multiple projects to ensure they meet the high quality standards of the department.

● Write production-ready code in various languages, finding the best solutions for the job

● Leads research & development, technical feasibility and architecture, and participates in client/vendor, new business conversations as necessary.

● As a Lead, some experience is expected in mentoring small, project-based teams of developers and the day-to-day technical issues that arise on projects. You should be comfortable assisting developers and sharing your knowledge with others

● Ensures the quality of our creative principles are maintained in this rapid prototyping environment including code quality, user interface and overall experience design

● Helps vet freelance engineers/developers and/or future DPTNR technical staff, maintains and expands relationships with freelance programmers

● Provides leadership and inspiration to DPTNR team throughout all project phases

● Keeps abreast of industry trends and competitive landscape; makes recommendations to the DPTNR Management team

● Troubleshoots all significant internal and client issues

Qualifications, Distinguishing Characteristics and Special Requirements:

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science preferred

● 8+ years hands-on development experience or work within a rapid prototyping environment

● Excellent communication skills

● Thorough understanding of basic application architectures and principles of VR/AR/ web/software/mobile app production and development

● Ability to write practical solutions (code) in a hands-on manner to critical software problems

● Experience creating and consuming digital and interactive services

● Experience with game engines, i.e.: Unity, Unreal

● Experience with common front end tools, i.e.: CSS2/3, Javascript, WebGL, HTML5.

● Experience with common backend technologies, i.e.: Python, PHP, Java, Objective-C, and DVCS (git/hg)

● Experience managing/working with Python, C++, Java, Javascript, Objective-C software engineers

● Familiarity with 3D, animation/texturing software, i.e.: Zbrush, 3DS Max

● Experience with excellent vendors and technology consultants in global client organizations, with ability to guide the implementation/integration process with outside partners and/or the DPTNR studio

● Ability to work on multiple projects and prioritize, implement and delegate tasks for each

● Ability to interact and collaborate well with other departments within the agency to solve problems

● A demonstrated track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound creative, strategic, and analytical thinking skills, while maintaining composure in stressful situations

● Exceptional initiative and attention to detail

● Exceptional relationship building skills, presentation and overall communications skills (i.e. clear, convincing, flexible and accepting of other ideas, commanding yet humble presence)

● Some evening and weekend work and travel required

You are:

● Anti-disciplinary

● Excited about finding solutions to new, unexpected challenges

● Comfortable working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

● Good at keeping a sense of humor and a positive, flexible attitude

● Not afraid to get your hands dirty

How to apply

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Please send your portfolio + CV to

Email title: Creative Tech Lead / CA

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