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Creative developer

vassalo studio

Full-time position

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Category: development
Published on: Jul 23, 2018 - 2018

Looking for a junior developer with creative coding skills and inclined to artistic and designs fields. JavaScript is a must and WebGL a ++ but we’re akso using openFrameworks, Unity and Unreal Engine that you’re welcome and incentivized to play around with us. We deliver 80% on the web (so CSS and HTML are very welcome, and you’ll learn from us on the job), and the remaining is spread between print design and physical interactive & audiovisual installations.

How to apply

Please mention when you apply as a thanks to us, this will help us to get more jobs posted for you!

Send examples of work or portfolio and CV to

EU- only if willing to relocate to Lisbon with a chance of remote if we successfully test it out.

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