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Lead Creative Technologist

The New York Times

Full-time position

Location: New York, NY

Category: management
Published on: Feb 21, 2018 - 2018

Fake Love ( ), is an award winning integrated experience design agency located in Dumbo, Brooklyn (we were also recently acquired by The New York Times). We do a wide range of experiential production work from permanent installations to live events and everything in between. The tech is never our core focus; it’s a tool that serves us in our telling of emotionally impactful stories.

The tech department at Fake Love is seeking an experienced Lead Creative Technologist with a range of expertise to lead these jobs and make sure the job has everything required to make it amazing. Another title that could apply to this role is Technical Director.

We never do the same project twice and the schedules are on the shorter end, which requires a lot of inventiveness and improvisation. A Lead Creative Technologist needs to be able to translate concepts from creative ideas into realistic, reliable and efficient executions. The candidate should be able to execute things themselves as well as lead a larger team to success. We are a quickly growing team and we are looking for someone to contribute in getting us to the next level. This is a full time position and we’re looking for someone to start immediately.

The ideal candidate is a generalist (with some core focus) - someone who has a wide but deep knowledge of a lot of tech gear and software that is commonly used on this kind of work. You don’t need to know how to do everything, but you know when and how it should be used. If you don’t know about something, you know how to research and get the right answers quickly.

We are really aiming specifically for someone with either great past experience with AR/VR work OR really solid experience working with live event technology - AV equipment, projectors, hardware, etc etc. Only looking for a focus in one of those, you are not at all expected to be good at both.

Responsibilities and Key Accountabilities:

  • Working on the early pitch phases of a project to research and determine technical execution methods and feasibility
  • Take the lead on identifying project requirements and feature sets
  • On the hardware side, when a job enters production, you will be responsible for making wiring diagrams, equipment lists, and interfacing with vendors.
  • On the software side, you know what software stacks and frameworks are the most appropriate for a given project.
  • Leading teams of developers and vendors, interfacing with production and creative departments from concept to delivery
  • Expected to develop technical solutions with video and motion graphics technologies
  • Development of software and oversight on other developers making software on a given project

Expected Skills:

Familiarity with the following with a focus in 2 or 3:

  • Video Hardware (Projectors, Monitors, etc)
  • Lighting (DMX/Artnet), Audio, Computer Hardware
  • Sensor hardware - Custom physical computing solutions, Kinect, Leap, etc
  • VR/AR Tools - Oculus, Tango, Vive, ARKit/ARCore etc
  • Software - Familiarity or deep skills with a range of these: C++ Creative Code frameworks (openFrameworks, Cinder), Unity, Touchdesigner, Mobile (iOS/Android), Backend Server software (Node.js, SQL, Python, etc)
  • Skills with Rhino/Sketchup or some similar 3D modelling and drafting software would be a bonus


  • Stellar portfolio of personal and professional work
  • 2+ years professional experience leading teams and delivering projects
  • Easygoing attitude, calm under pressure, client facing, and personable
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Able to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent spoken and written communication


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