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Interactive Art Director


Full-time position

Location: Bristol, UK

Category: design
Published on: May 26, 2018 - 2018

Hi, we’re KUVA. A digital art and experience design studio in Bristol. We’re a collection of artists, technologists and engineers working with leading brands blending art and technology in both online and the physical space.

Art, design and technology are central to the studio and form the foundation of the work we deliver. We’re looking for an Art Director who’s similarly passionate and deeply curious about these three elements while also having a strong urge to make things.

Our work and output formats are constantly changing. You should be comfortable with uncertainty and thrive working with unfamiliar briefs in non-traditional media. You will be involved with projects ranging from physical installations, screen based and online and be collaborate closely with the full team to bring a collective visions to life.


4+ years experience with global brands on highly visible work – ideally ranging from web (UX / UI), 3D to experiential.

Strong presentation and communication ability.

Deeply curious.


Conceptual thinking and visualisation skill for screen and beyond.

Knowledge in the following: Cinema 4D, Houdini, Touchdesigner, Notch One.

A strong interest in art, technology and culture ideal.

How to apply

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To apply please send your CV & portfolio to:

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