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Creative Technologist, Retail Innovation Lab


Full-time position

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Category: development
Published on: Aug 28 - 2019

The Retail Innovation Lab at Cartier is looking for a cross-disciplined Creative Technologist who's not afraid to get their hands dirty. You should be excited and heavily motivated by technology, interaction & user experience design, creativity & innovation.


  • Support internal projects via research and prototype development in the digital and physical space. Able to create high-fidelity and high-polish prototypes 
  • Keen eye for detail and visual aesthetics, steeped in user experience best practices. 
  • Can-do attitude - capable of collaboration with cross-functional creative teams, and also able to work independently on projects from ideation and design through implementation
  • Exceptional attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects in parallel
  • Be nice: Outstanding interpersonal skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong team ethos and a sense of humor
  • Support jobs in production via technical problem solving, software development, on-site installation and documentation
  • Is not afraid of complex problems and challenges
  • Cares about user experience
  • Strong creative skills, from ideation to communication and presentation of your concepts
  • Helps vet freelance engineers/developers, maintains and expands relationships with freelance programmers
  • Be self driven to explore new technologies and ideate and execute projects involving those findings


  • Bachelor's or Graduate Degree in a related field (i.e.Masters in Computer Science, Design & Technology or MFA) or related field or equivalent industry experience
  • Strong proficiency of JavaScript, Node, React, CSS3, HTML5, and related front-end technologies
  • A solid foundation of prototyping software packages (eg. OpenFrameworks, TouchDesigner, Unity, ThreeJS) and in writing clean and documented code
  • Versatility and extensive knowledge of hardware configuration and hacking.
  • Ability to create IOT devices with microcontrollers and soldering  (Arduino, ESP etc.) 
  • Core understanding & skills with Photoshop, Illustrator and knowledge of the wider Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to clearly communicate with both tech teams and non-tech teams
  • Past experience working with a multidisciplinary teams of internal or working with external specialists
  • Some experience with VR/AR Tools - ARKit/ARCore etc


  • Experience in designing digital media for physical spaces and familiarity with large scale A/V installations (Projectors, LCD, LED, DMX/Artnet, audio)
  • Mobile(iOS/Android) dev experience 
  • Experience in ML/Tensorflow
  • Familiarity game engines (Unreal, Unity)
  • Know your way around GLSL/Shaders
  • Familiarity with C4D 

How to apply

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